Great Photography But Zero Science Journalism

Tamil Nadu’s seaweed harvesters in rough seas” — this report is apparently a part of UNDP “funded” project on Climate Crisis; it has been published by People’s Archive of Rural India, an online portal founded by P. Sainath.

I have been an admirer of PARI’s reporting; I have also contributed to it. I also keenly follow the reports by Purusottam  Thakur, Jaideep Hardikar and Sharmila Joshi. However, this specific report is deeply shocking as it as passes for science journalism.

As I can read the bio of the writer, he is a photographer. To note, he is also a PARI 2019 fellow [Is it?}. It is difficult to digest that PARI asked a photographer with no strong biological science background to write about a very complicated topic-yes, “seaweed farming”.

The aim of this report is to connect the fall of seaweed harvest with climate change, moreover, it FAILS to establish any concrete link [see yourself]. There is a single IPCC citation, but that is something opposite to the broad goal of this report. The IPCC report talks about the role of seaweed in climate change mitigation while it presents no correlation with climate change-impact. Quite difficult to digest that it has been discussed in this news report to project an “illusion”. Deeply shocking.

Oh well, photography is journalism? Tell me something more entertaining.

I would like to suggest PARI to get some Science Editor if it does not have one. Just compare this piece with The Intercept’s series on Climate Crisis. You will conclude that PARI report is just a piece of garbage. This is why, we say that Indian journalism has fallen into a bore-well pit- a state of slumber. Unfortunately PARI is a new entrant.

Question is, “Why are you digressing from rural reporting if you do not have academic caliber to discuss scholarly articles?

If you can do that, here is a list of articles:

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