Ujjawal Krishnam is a reporter and researcher based out of rural India.

Otherwise, he is a human, like you [Are you humane?]. Ah, stupidity personified. He sometimes picks pen to solve intricate problems in physics, sometimes he comports himself with deadpan values, and other times he is seen discussing politics with preponderant enthusiasm. He does not like fiction, does he? He is confused, unlike you. He also doesn’t believe in any supernatural power, or preferably, he is heretic — that is quite heuristic too. He writes whatever he feels because speaking costs more energy and his unguarded verbosity may also invite blunder following some natural slander. Ugh — the terrible past he had. And yet, he is not remorseful.

He is now on a nation-wide journey, his itinerary includes north plain of India. While this will help him understand myriad cultures, societies, norms and values, he will also use this opportunity to estimate the degree of inequality myriad sociological actors exhibit in this region.

What else? His life is tiny, so he does not like to boast by exploiting the minutiae of something terribly miniature. How many roads must a human walk down before you call him a human? He may not have an answer to this but certainly he has no space to accommodate this circuitous or circumlocutory objectivity just to justify that he is a human.

یہ جان تو آنی جانی ہے اس جاں کی تو کوئی بات نہیں